VSAT teleport in Kiev / Kyiv,Ukraine.
Transmissions of a video materials and compilation of the television programs via the central terrestrial satellite station ( CTSS) at the center of Kiev. The management of a videoconference via VSAT teleport.
The studio block (ASB) is hardware.

Антенна Andrew 3,7 метра . Такого типа  приёмо - передающая антенна устновлена у нас на центральной земной спутниковой станции в центре Киева Along with with mobile SNG FLYAWAY; stations, we have also one terrestrial satellite station (CTSS), like VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) by teleport.
Ours VSAT teleport located in the center of Kiev, where VSAT station can Uplink via satellite concurrently running five (5)independent TV programs with high - quality in 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 format.
The diameter (DISHES) of the Uplink / Downlink "Andrew" is 3.7 meters, that provides the work of VSAT station practically at any weather in Kiev. Initial TV signal can be sent directly from ours, TV studio .
It is possible to deliver to us TV signal by relay line and and we will Uplink it via the satellite.
Ours TV- studio is studio with the standard hardware - studio block (ABS), with the high-grade three chamber studio channel, assembly hardware, having video mixer with the extended block of special effects. All it allows us to carry out direct ethers, transmission of a video material, TV bridges record and installation of the programs with use of multi shootings and multichannel system of inclusions with our mobile SNG FLYAWAY stations.
In the video conference central terrestrial satellite station VSAT supports automatic control of parameters all removed SNG stations involved in a videoconferencing, that provides extremely high stability of all system as a whole. The simplified circuit of ours Central Terrestrial Satellite VSAT of station below.

Центральная Земная Спутниковая Станция (ЦЗСС),выполняет перегон,телемост,теле трансляции,телеконференции, видеоконференции, управляет SNG Uplink спутниковыми станциями.   

The description of the basic principles of work of videoconference you can find here.

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